ODF Plus : Sustaining Cleanliness and Sanitation in India

ODF Plus

The Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), launched in 2014 by the Government of India, has been a pioneering campaign aimed at transforming India’s sanitation and cleanliness landscape. With a vision to make India clean and open defecation-free (ODF), SBM Phase 1 focused on improving sanitation infrastructure, promoting behavioral changes, and creating awareness about cleanliness. Now, SBM Phase 2, which began in 2019 and continues until 2024, takes the mission to the next level with ODF Plus. In this blog, we will explore the significance of ODF Plus in sustaining cleanliness and sanitation across the nation.

SBM Phase 2 – ODF Plus

SBM Phase 2 is not just a continuation of Phase 1; it goes beyond to address additional aspects of cleanliness and sanitation. The primary emphasis remains on sustaining the ODF status achieved in Phase 1. However, ODF Plus also focuses on enhancing waste management practices and improving visual cleanliness. The overarching objective is to ensure a cleaner and healthier India for all.

Initiatives of ODF Plus

A. Solid Liquid Waste Management

1. Sustaining ODF:

The mission aims to maintain the open defecation-free status across villages and cities in India. It encourages continued usage of toilets and proper sanitation practices to eliminate the risk of open defecation and its adverse effects on public health and the environment.

2. Solid Waste Management:

ODF Plus places significant emphasis on efficient solid waste management practices. Villages are encouraged to adopt waste segregation at the source to facilitate recycling and minimize environmental pollution. The establishment of community-level waste management centers aids in effective waste disposal.

3. Liquid Waste Management:

Addressing liquid waste management is another crucial aspect of ODF Plus. Proper disposal and treatment of liquid waste, such as wastewater, are vital to prevent water contamination and promote a healthier environment.

4. Visual Cleanliness:

Visual cleanliness is essential in creating a pleasant and hygienic environment. ODF Plus promotes efforts to keep villages aesthetically pleasing and free from litter and debris. This not only enhances public health but also boosts tourism and economic development.

Objectives and Implementation of ODF Plus

SBM Phase 2 classifies villages into three categories: Aspiring, Rising, and Model, based on their cleanliness and sanitation practices.

Aspiring Village:

Aspiring villages have made progress in managing either solid waste or liquid waste while sustaining the ODF status. However, comprehensive waste management and visual cleanliness need further attention.

Rising Village:

Rising villages have achieved the management of both solid and liquid waste while sustaining the ODF status. They have made significant progress in waste management practices but may still require improvements in visual cleanliness.

Model Village:

Model villages represent the highest category in cleanliness and sanitation practices. They have successfully managed both solid and liquid waste while sustaining the ODF status and demonstrating visual cleanliness.

To achieve these objectives, SBM Phase 2 involves strategic planning and collaboration between the government, NGOs, and other stakeholders. Awareness campaigns and community engagement play a crucial role in implementing ODF Plus initiatives effectively.

Progress and Impact of ODF Plus

SBM Phase 2 has made commendable progress in sustaining cleanliness and sanitation efforts in India. The continued focus on open defecation-free communities has resulted in improved public health outcomes and reduced the spread of waterborne diseases. Efficient waste management practices have also contributed to a cleaner and healthier environment.

The ODF Plus Report

The official ODF Plus report highlights the mission’s progress and achievements. The report presents valuable insights into the impact of various initiatives and showcases how ODF Plus has improved the overall quality of life for millions of Indians.

For a detailed report click here 

Government Initiatives and Support

The Government of India continues to be committed to promoting cleanliness and sanitation. Financial support and policy initiatives have facilitated the successful implementation of ODF Plus. The government’s dedication to this cause reflects its commitment to building a cleaner and healthier India for all.

ODF Plus full form:

  • ODF full formOpen Defecation-Free
  • ODF Plus full formOpen Defecation-Free Plus 


ODF Plus, as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission Phase 2, has brought about a remarkable transformation in India’s sanitation and cleanliness landscape. By sustaining the achievements of Phase 1 and addressing additional aspects of cleanliness, the mission has made significant progress in improving public health and the environment. Through continued efforts and government support, India is on its way to becoming a shining example of successful cleanliness and sanitation initiatives on a global scale. Let’s all join hands in supporting ODF Plus and contributing to a cleaner and healthier India.

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